Setting Up Your Thermostat During Summer

You have probably noticed that your utility bills drastically increase during the summer season. The reason for this is that we’re constantly using our air conditioning system. Though there are a couple of myths about how to lower your utility bills, we are going to share with you some proven tips. 

One of the best ways to lower your cooling bill this summer is to properly set up your thermostat. If you’ve got a malfunctioning thermostat, you should hire an air conditioning repair North Port technician to fix it right away.  

How to Set Your Thermostat When You Sleep? 

Should you adjust your thermostat when you sleep? This is one question that a lot of homeowners ask. Always remember that your home needs to be at an optimal temperature while you are sleeping, just like when you’re awake.  

It can be hard to find the optimal temperature for sleep. For instance, professionals recommend setting your thermostat to 60° to 67°. Unfortunately, this can change from one person to another. Kids and infants might require a warmer room. 

You can program the thermostat to lower the temperature of your house when it’s time to sleep. You can also try to turn it off and open some windows in your bedroom. The night breeze will help lower the temperature inside the room. Fresh air is also great for your wellness and health.  

How to Set Your Thermostat When Nobody’s Around the House? 

If you want to lower your cooling bills this summer, you should set your thermostat higher whenever you are gone. Professionals recommend you set the thermostat to around 88°.  

You’ve got to make sure that the temperature indoors is as close as the temperature to the outdoors. This setting guarantees your house will not be a freezer or a sauna when you come back.  

If you turn off your system every time you go out and turn it back on when you return, you’re only putting unnecessary strain on your unit.  

If you want to keep this cycle, you have to install a programmable thermostat. You can set it to lower the temperature when you’re home and raise it when you’re out.  

What Is the Ideal Temperature? 

Perhaps you’re going to be surprised by the answer. If you want to find a balance between budget and comfort, you need to set your thermostat to around 78°.  

Of course, there is a reason for this. Keep in mind that your air conditioning system is designed to detect the temperatures outdoors and create a cooler temperature indoors. It does not matter how you set your thermostat; your HVAC unit will still do the same job.  

You should allow your AC to operate at a higher setting. This enables you to be more energy-efficient and save on bills. Over time, you can still cool your house.  

Most homeowners typically blast their AC at the lowest temperature to cool their house during a hot day. Unfortunately, this isn’t a wise move.  

If you set your thermostat to around 78°, you are enabling the AC unit to find a temperature that is efficient and effective.  

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